Investing in Gold and Achieving Our Glory
The Swiss National Bank decided it was going to print unlimited amounts of francs to stem the rise of its currency against the euro (by pegging it to the euro). The Governing Council of the European Central Bank has been informed by the Swiss National Bank about its decision to "no longer tolerate a EUR/CHF exchange rate below the minimum rate of CHF 1.20."

Switzerland is the latest country that has decided to engage in massive amounts of money printing. The Swiss decision has bullish implications for gold and gold stocks. It is becoming more and more obvious that the only solution to the currency wars is a gold standard.

It should be noted that the Swiss National Bank previously implemented a fixed exchange rate regime in the 1970's. It was an epic failure because inflation surged to almost 8%. Similarly, this time around, there will be negative implications for most Swiss citizens. Yes, Swiss export companies and manufacturers might benefit from a lower Swiss franc. However, all of the Swiss people will have to pay for this temporary economic benefit via higher inflation. As we've noted before, inflation is particularly painful for the middle class who have little in the way of assets.

Gold investment can be termed as a long term investment which gives long term benefits also. There are many people who are investing in stocks, shares and gold nowadays to earn handsome amount of money. Nowadays it is one of the best options to prevent loss and ensure, financial security of the finances you are going to spend.

For people who are retired or are looking for any firm source to invest in must stay updated to gold news. This will help them in making a wise decision and help them earn easily. There are several benefits which are associated directly with the gold investment. A few obvious and vital benefits are discussed below:

Most of the investment experts and consultants nowadays recommend gold investment due to the worth of gold. Unlike other currencies and materials of financial interest gold never loses it worth and will bring a lot of revenue. The value of gold is not affected by inflation or devaluation of money because of it rare or unique existence. Thus, gold investment is a very nice option as it will help in securing a safe and a prosperous future.

Gold prices are still much influenced by the problems in the Europe and Middle East with lingering worries about the eurozone's debt problem unresolved ahead of a meeting of policy makers.

On March 7, gold scored a new record for the highest price at U.S. $ 1,445 per troy ounce. Boom in gold prices because of the high anxiety of the prospect of rising inflation and unrest in the Middle East. However a very sharp rise in gold made investors do profit taking action for gold that had touched the lowest prices on $ 1,403.