Investing in Gold and Achieving Our Glory

Investing in Gold

An analysis released in 2003 about Investing in Gold stated that in the next 10-12 years (from 2003) the price of gold will reach 8000 U.S. dollars per troy ounce. Price is expected to occur in 2013-2015 so that if in 2007 someone invested USD 200 million for gold, then in 2013-2015 he will someday have a gold valued at USD 2.2 billion. In other words, he earned a profit from price increases that reached 1,112 percent.

If that happens, then there is no investment instrument that can beat the might of Gold, and even though bank deposits, stocks, or ORI.

Recorded that the most fantastic rise in gold prices occured in 2001 in which at the same time paper currency experienced a decline in value. The process of rising gold prices would be speeded up by inflation and abusing the U.S. dollar today. That's because gold does not have the effect of inflation or zero inflation effect.
It is a precious metal called gold not likely to ever be eaten by ages. Glory and brilliance are still riveting, including for the investment world. Gold is a unique commodity in the world whose numbers are limited and are the only item that can be mined over the surface of the earth. Gold is also an alternative to paper money with the eternal purchasing power and its value tends pegged by the market.

Option to gold investment today is still considered the most advantageous than the other option because of it's nature of the inflation "immune". 

Investing in gold has the same nature with investing the funds to buy land and property in certain cities that the price is constantly rising. Gold is also very good for investment diversification after having investments in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or property. Especially in some gold-producing countries recently experienced a significant decline in production so the price of gold will surely always go up.

However, investing in gold also has some weaknesses. Prospective investors should also consider many things to begin to invest their funds in gold because it is relatively impractical or difficult to store, at risk of lost, stolen or robbed, and others. Moreover, if storage is less well will cause the oxidation and discoloration. Special-shaped gold coins that are fallen would be difficult to the re-treatment and could reduce the price.

Other deficiencies, the return is relatively stable and less exciting than stocks or property. Gold investment is also highly recommended for the short term because of its nature as a protective value (hedging). Therefore, gold is usually one of the favorable portfolio choice.


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